Themed Parties

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When planning a party, it is always fun to come up with some sort of theme. Then, everything from the party is focused around that. There are tons of different themes out there to chose from or you can create your own. When throwing a themed party, incorporate the theme into everything from invitations to attire to food and all decorations.  For example, I threw a "White Party" and all party guests had to wear all white to the party, all the decorations were totally white and all the food and beverages were white. It was a unique type of party to throw but it came together perfectly because of the theme.

White Party Decorations

All white outfits

white food
I recently attended a Casino Royale themed "black tie affair" party. Once again, everything fit perfectly with the theme. The host had a red carpet out the front door, a poker table set up, and all the food was perfect.  My favorite detail from this party was the unique sugar cubed dice.  It was such a nice touch and was perfect for the theme of the party.

For the coffee

Made with food coloring-so creative

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