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So, I am known to my friends and family as a world traveler, jet setter, you name it. One of my friends is convinced that I won the lottery and pretend to have a job, but really just travel. Gosh, I wish that were true! I do love to travel and although I do travel quite a bit, I would love to travel even more. 
I am going to tell you why travel to me is like an event. It mostly lies in the fact that planning goes into both travel and events and there are many similarities between the two.
Recently, one of my friend's told me that she has never utilized a calendar once in her life. I was shocked! The planner in me was going crazy. Like really, who doesn't use a calendar. Please tell me she's the only one. 
But, I guess it's because I'm a planner. It's what I do for a living, it's my life. I plan everything. I think I am still spontaneous and adventurous at times. It's not like everything little thing is planned out, but the major things yes. And in my planner mind, travel is kind of a major thing like an event and it requires planning.
Prior to travelling and taking a trip to a destination, you have to think about when and where you want to go. How you are going to get there. Where you are going to sleep. What and where you are going to eat. What you are going to do. What you are going to pack. Thought and planning goes into all of it to some extent.
You know those people out there who have dropped everything, quit their jobs and now travel the world and blog about it. Yeah well it's always interesting to read about and sometimes I wish I could be one of those people, but I'm not. I don't think I could ever do that (well maybe on day...)
But the reality is I'm sure some amount of planning goes in to their travels. Yes, they may not know exactly which city or cities they are going to or where they are going to stay, but they do have to plan things out. It just may be done more in the moment instead of ahead of time. But, a lot of them plan a good portion of their travel. 
Since I view travel and taking trips just like I do other events I will be sharing some of my travels with you. I'm hoping for some warmer weather as I go to Jacksonville, FL on Sunday for my first trip of 2015!

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  1. My event planner was the perfect fit for me. She thought of every detail I could imagine. She works hard for you and will really make you feel special. She's a joy to work with and she even found my Cartier ring when I left it at the venue on my wedding day!


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