About Crystal Q Events
Crystal Q Events is a premier event planning company serving the DC metropolitan area and beyond. With a focus on weddings and non-profit events, Crystal Q Events specializes in creating and designing the perfect event to meet and exceed the client’s needs and expectations every time. Crystal Q Events will take care of all of the planning, coordinating, and orchestrating of the event from start to finish as well as all of the design aspects of the event. Through consistent care and professionalism, Crystal Q Events will ensure a worry- and hassle-free event at a reasonable price. The success of Crystal Q Events lies in the unique ability to customize each and every event based on what the client deems important.

About Crystal
Hi! I'm Crystal. I work full-time as a corporate meeting and event planner, I plan about 30 events a year and travel at least once month. Somehow I still find time to fit in other events. Events are my life (literally) and I believe life is just made up of a bunch of events whether big or small. I would be honored to help you plan your special event!

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